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East London singer-songwriter Murkage Dave has made his 2023 debut with the release of his new single ‘Get the Girl Save The World’ from his forthcoming project ‘I Don’t Do Love Songs - A Valentines Compilation’ due out rather fittingly on Valentine's Day.

This new chapter sees Murkage embark on his most honest chapter yet, confronting how gender roles within society are shifting and how this plays out within modern-day relationships.

‘I Don’t Do Love Somgs - A Valentine’s Compilation’ is a true, modern-day love story which sees Dave lay his innermost personal feelings out for us all to see. Blending together old elements of Dave's signature sound with new sound experimental sound, solidifying himself as one of the best storytellers with his diverse relatable lyricism and soothing intimate voice.

Following a momentous year in 2022 seeing Murkage Dave out on a county-wide tour, releasing his sophomore album ‘The City Needs A Hero’, and gaining support from the masses, Murkage wants to continue this successful run into 2023. With the title of ‘The People's Champ’, Dave always has time for the people on a one-to-one basis, emphasising real-world connectivity as well as digital.

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