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Becoming known as a trailblazer for Welsh Rap, Cardiff-based MC Mace The Great is back to prove just why he's a hometown hero with the release of his latest single 'Reason To', featuring the loved grime legend - Manga Saint Hilaire.

Comes as a cruddy throwback to Mace's grim roots, there ain't no sight on a hook in this track. Seeing Mace and Manga trade potent verses over an old-school frosty beat - reminiscent of the classic early days Eskimo Dance radio sets. With the video matching the energy of the track, we see the duo go back to back across London before smashing it on stage at Manga's headline show.

“This song captures that proper old school grime energy that I grew up on and was the reason I started making music in the first place.” Mace The Great explains. “No chorus, just a beat n’ bars back to back. This one’s for anyone who’s a fan of grime!”

With the weight of Welsh rap on his shoulders, Mace is showcasing that the valleys aren't just full of sheep as he proudly puts his hometown of Splott on the map with his forthcoming album 'Splott World' paying homage to his hometown.

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