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South London singer-songwriter Monét has made her triumphant return after a brief hiatus with her latest single, 'Wanna Know.'

Delving deep into the intricacies of love and relationships, offering a glimpse into Monét's innermost feelings. Monét's signature spoken-word style seamlessly flows over the production by JSTRNGS, creating a refreshing subgenre dubbed 'Chill R&B.' Speaking about the track, Monét emphasized the importance of authenticity in her music, stating,

"Wanna Know is an honest track about navigating through different stages of emotion. For me, it's important to be as authentic as possible in my music so that people are able to connect with it."

Accompanied by a stylish visual, shot in South London by JJ Foster, which captures Monét in various locations as she engages in a conversation with herself, seeking to understand the complexity of her emotions.

Monét's unique perspective is influenced by her experience with synesthesia, where she associates colours with emotions. This connection between tones and feelings guides her creative process in and out of the studio, resulting in music that feels warm and evocative. Her obsession with colour and emotion is vividly showcased in the 'Wanna Know' video.

For those eager to experience Monét's live performance, she will be taking the stage at 'The Amazing Grace' on October 22nd alongside Bina and will also support KSR at COLORS Hoxton on October 25th.

Monét is certainly an artist to watch as she continues to make her mark in the music world.

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