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Molly Burman

Gen Z singer and songwriter Molly Burman has unveiled her latest single, 'Potential,' as a preview of her upcoming EP, 'Worlds Within Worlds,' set to release on August 24th.

Following the success of her previous release, 'Beautiful People,' Molly showcases her versatility in 'Potential' by incorporating darker sonics into her signature sound, complemented by her dreamy vocals. Exploring the theme of staying in a toxic relationship, hoping for improvement, Molly explains,

"Potential is about staying in a bad relationship in the hopes that it will get better. You keep hanging on to someone because you think about all the ways things could improve and the person that they could become, but you realize if it's not good right now, you can't stay in a situation that is making you unhappy. You can't keep putting all your energy into someone's potential."

Releasing with visuals to further enhance the narrative of the song. Filmed primarily from her home, the video provides an intimate snapshot into the rising star's life, enhancing the overall experience with a hint of DIY matching Molly's authentic style.

Playing an integral part of Loud LDN, an all-female and non-binary collective that promotes inclusivity in the drum and bass, pop, and R&B genres. The collective, which includes artists such as Piri, Venbee, and SOFY, began as a group chat among London artists and has since evolved into a safe community for sharing experiences and collaborating on new music.

With her music focusing on unfiltered emotional expression, she aims to create relatable music that makes listeners feel less alone. She delves into topics such as unrequited love, unwanted attention, and everything in between.

At just 21 years old, Molly has already built an impressive catalogue of songs and is now ready to share her music with the world.

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