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M Huncho
Trapwave Pioneer M Huncho Returns with Catchy New Single "Of Course" and Upcoming Mixtape.

Leader of the trapwave movement, M Huncho is back with the release of the catchy, "Of Course," produced by Mike Vegas, and the long overdue announcement of his upcoming mixtape titled "My Neighbours Don't Know."

"Of Course" encapsulates M Huncho's essence, blending his clever personality with braggadocious lyricism to create a vibrant and bouncy tune that reaffirms his status as 'The Plug.'

Releasing with accompanying visuals, directed by Kevin Jones, taking Huncho's creative vision and style to new heights. Displaying his humour in full force, the video adds an extra layer of entertainment to the infectious track, with the video's playful and visually captivating elements showcasing Huncho's impeccable sense of style and further contributing to his enigmatic persona.

"My Neighbours Don't Know" is poised to be M Huncho's most versatile and unexpected project to date, promising collaborations and surprises that will undoubtedly captivate his audience serving as a testament to Huncho's constant evolution as an artist and his commitment to pushing creative boundaries throughout the UK scene.

Emerging from the vibrant North West London scene, M Huncho has transcended conventional industry boundaries, placing a strong emphasis on unwavering diligence and commitment instead of conforming to limiting stereotypes. Going beyond mere visual aesthetics, his decision to maintain an enigmatic identity is a profound ideology centred around dismantling biases and establishing a profound connection with listeners on a global scale, transcending differences in backgrounds and beliefs. As he sets out on a fresh phase in both his musical and personal odyssey, embracing the joys of parenthood, M Huncho continues to exert an undeniable influence within the realm of music.

The anticipation for "My Neighbours Don't Know" is high, and Huncho's ability to surprise and captivate his audience suggests that this mixtape will be another standout addition to his body of work.

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