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Northampton-based R&B and neo-soul artist Megzz has unveiled her brand-new single 'Boys Will Be Boys,' a captivating track that delves into the realms of female empowerment, misogyny, and revenge. In an industry where gender disparities persist, Megzz is determined to challenge the status quo and amplify the voices of women through her music.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists like Jorja Smith, Kiana Lede, and Mahalia, Megzz showcases her exceptional vocal abilities throughout the three-minute-long anthem. Aiming at the problematic phrase often used to excuse toxic masculinity, she shines a light on the frustrations and anger experienced by women in society.

The genesis of the single traces back to a deeply personal and troubling encounter Megzz faced in the music industry at the age of 19. She narrates a distressing incident where a more established male artist attempted to exploit his power dynamic, coercing her into sending explicit photos and threatening to ruin her reputation if she refused. This experience became the catalyst for 'Boys Will Be Boys,' offering Megzz a way to channel her rage and envision a world where revenge could be sought without consequences. Reflecting on the writing process, Megzz shared,

"Writing 'Boys Will Be Boys' was a challenging yet empowering and freeing process. My own encounters with misogyny, consent, and sexism served as a backdrop for creating a powerful musical piece, not only for myself but also for other women facing similar challenges."

As the music industry continues to evolve and embrace a more inclusive and empowering landscape, Megzz stands at the forefront, challenging stereotypes, and amplifying marginalized voices. Through her music, she sparks conversations, ignites change, and empowers women to reclaim their power in a world that often seeks to silence them.

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