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Maya Law

Maya Law, the rising talent in the music scene, returns with her latest single "Losing It All" - an emotionally charged track that delves into her journey through creative frustration and self-doubt.

Following a series of captivating songs from Maya Law in 2023 - including "Mother Tongue" and "Bad Guy" - "Losing It All," reflects on the moments Maya's been tempted to give up in the music industry, revealing her raw and confessional side.

Produced by frequent collaborator Freya Roy, "Losing It All" showcases a haunting, jazz-infused soundscape that perfectly complements Maya Law's pent-up emotions. Her mesmerizing vocals drive the track, captivating listeners by her delivery's depth and intensity. When talking on "Losing It All' Maya said;

"‘Losing It All’ is my creative breakdown anthem. I was having an intense writing block and general feelings of giving up in the music industry. It touches on my heritage in a similar way to Mother Tongue but focuses on the industry and the boxes they have shoved me into in the past. I was battling with feelings of not being good enough or never being successful in my career. Now looking back, I know that when it makes me feel good, it’s good enough - and fuck the rest."

Maya Law fearlessly expresses her deepest emotions through her music, offering a refreshingly candid insight into her experiences with mental health and being a queer woman of colour. Her autobiographical songwriting resonates with listeners and showcases her unwavering authenticity. Continuing to push boundaries and captivate audiences with her uncompromising musical vision. Her willingness to delve into personal experiences and tackle challenging topics makes her an artist who connects on a deeply emotional level.

As Maya Law's musical journey unfolds, listeners can eagerly anticipate the unique stories and powerful performances she has in store.

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