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Maria Taktouk


Maria Taktouk, at 23, embarks on her musical journey with the release of a dark-pop ballad exploring vulnerability and fear in relationships.

Lebanese singer-songwriter Maria Taktouk takes her first steps into the musical landscape with the release of her debut single 'shadow' at the age of 23. Maria has been on a journey of self-discovery, and 'shadow' marks the initiation of her musical career.

The ballad 'shadow' explores the intricate emotions and fears associated with the potential loss of a deeply emotionally attached person. The lyrics touch on the reluctance to open up and reveal one's hidden and darker aspects, which can hinder the full potential of a relationship. Maria Taktouk's musical expression incorporates a unique blend of dark-pop tones, honest lyricism, and an enchanting voice. Talking on the release she said;

"Music has allowed me to be the most honest I can be. It’s been so exciting to channel that into my first single ‘shadow’. I’ve always wanted to create a space with my music that goes into the more “hidden” feelings of myself and I feel like ‘shadow’ is the first page of that chapter. I couldn’t be more excited to put it out and start this journey.”

Maria's vision for her music goes beyond creating melodies; she aims to establish a safe and inclusive space within her artistic realm. Through evocative songs and relatable messaging, Maria intends to connect with listeners and create an extended musical family. She purposefully merges her love for her Middle Eastern heritage with Western musical influences, and this fusion is expected to play a prominent role in her upcoming releases.

As 'shadow' introduces Maria Taktouk to the mainstream music scene, she is poised to showcase the results of her dedicated work. With a commitment to authenticity and a vision for creating meaningful connections through her music, Maria is undoubtedly an artist to watch in 2024.


Words by: Harriett Dolphin

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