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This is just the wonderful beginning of Man-Made Sunshine as he follows on the release of his debut single Life’s Gonna Kill You (If You Let It), with his first self-titled EP “Man-Made Sunshine”.

Man-Made Sunshine is the side project from Conor Mason (Nothing But Thieves), which was developed during the lockdown, with Conor channelling his own self-discovery into a very personal musical project that blends elements of alt-indie, psych-pop and electronica into an experimental fresh new sound.

Debut single ‘Life’s Gonna Kill You (If You Let It)’ is about finding self-love and the survival to carry on and displays raw emotion through its powerful soul-inflected vocals and intimate avant-garde sound. Released at the end of September, it has been streamed almost 1 Million times so far with over 85K views of the accompanying visualiser.

The EP includes 4 other profound and personal songs, including ‘Brain in A Jar’, ‘Little Bird’, ‘Rosebud’ and lead track ‘Big’, which delicately conveys Conor’s relationship with his father and their survival through the difficult role reversal of father and son. The accompanying video directed by Sonder. features Conor himself alongside intimate moments between real fathers and sons. Conor says;

“Big is about my relationship with my father. About him going through a horrendous time after our family split and attempting to take his life and me (being a lot younger) having to grow up overnight and adjust my role quickly to be there for him 'am I Big to you now'. I felt a burning empathy and saw a reflection to myself; my mistakes/my flaws were similar but also my naivety and sensitivity was similar; 'I remember your innocent heart, same that beats in me, ain't complete in me'. I found myself without really thinking about it 'stepping up to the plate'.”
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