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Piri and Maisi
The electrifying soundscapes of South London are alive with vibrant collaborations and genre-defying releases.

Joining this list is Maisi and Piri's latest release "head" which fuses together drum and bass with pop as the duo deliver an introspective exploration of how success can sometimes change our perspectives. Maisi's insight into the song "head" offers a glimpse into the creative process:

"Making this song was honestly the most fun I've ever had in the studio. Piri is literally the best person ever; she's my bestie, so making music together was just so easy and fun. Of course, she's a DnB girl, so we leaned into that vibe with this song. 'Head' strikes a perfect balance between our two styles, and we both love how our vocals harmonize. The song isn't about anyone in particular. It's just about how sometimes, especially in creative industries, when people achieve great success, it can sometimes go to their head a little bit—haha!"

Check out the single below.

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