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LA-based artist Madison Margot makes her long-awaited return with her latest single, "God Laughs," after a year-long hiatus.

Combining punchy pop drums and stadium-rock guitar licks, showcasing Madison's impressive vocal abilities, 'God Laughs' is a beautiful and bittersweet tale about accepting the inevitable changes life brings, presented through Madison's signature lyrical wordplay and insightful songwriting.

Releasing with an accompanying music video, directed by Cassie Howell, offering a visual feast with stunning cinematography. Imaginatively interpreting Madison's personal lyrics, starting in a glamorous fever dream and transitioning to scenes of a barren desert and rockstar moments with hair flips, all set against the track's golden-hour guitar melodies.

Closing the previous chapter of her life, Madison looks ahead to an exciting new phase. She has produced some of her most exciting music to date and plans to perform regularly in the LA live circuit. With a growing social media presence and a promising future, Madison Margot is poised to continue her rise in the pop scene.

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