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Mackenta's debut EP explores the duality of human nature, melding seamless vocals, clever rap flows, and dreamy melodies in alternative-R&B brilliance

Toronto-based artist Mackenta introduces her cosmic and emotionally charged debut EP, 'LIFE ON VENUS.' Combining seamless vocals, clever rap flows, and dreamy melodies, Mackenta's fine-tuned approach to alternative R&B and modern soul explores the duality of human nature, seamlessly blending sensitivity with sharp edges.

The EP consists of six tracks that invite listeners on an introspective journey. Opening with the moody and chilled "IT’S RAINING," Mackenta's brooding voice effortlessly transitions between laid-back R&B melodies and flawless rap verses. The sophomore track, "WHAT’S THE POINT?," offers a steamy combination of minimalist beats and sparse strings, with Mackenta questioning the purpose of a failing relationship.

At the EP's midpoint is the empowering "VENU$," a beat-driven track with old-school R&B flair celebrating the solidarity and community among women. "PLAY," the fourth track, combines a desire for independence with the joy of finding a compatible vibe, while "DELUSIONAL" showcases Mackenta's rap skills with tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

The EP's closing number, "FLYING," stands out as an anthem of liberation, self-acceptance, and ambition. Mackenta embraces her evolution with a blend of soulful R&B melodies, clever wordplay, slinking bass, and fiery guitars. Reflecting on the songwriting process for the focus track "FLYING," Mackenta shares her inspiration:

"I wrote 'Flying' about manifestation and following your dreams. I wrote it at a time when I wasn't actually feeling very empowered but was trying to do a lot of affirmations and self-work to change that."

'LIFE ON VENUS' marks a significant milestone in Mackenta's journey, capturing her evolution from a "party-filled nocturnal lifestyle" to a path of healing and purpose. Serving as a platform to share the multidimensionality of being a woman. Aligning with the symbolic meanings of the planet Venus and the Goddess, the project explores the various moods, emotions, and experiences tied to the feminine journey. With a core of R&B, 'LIFE ON VENUS' encapsulates different facets of Mackenta, offering relatable experiences and empowering listeners to embrace their authenticity. Mackenta expresses the intent behind 'LIFE ON VENUS':

"This project happened so naturally and was a healing experience for me from start to finish. I wanted to write songs that make people feel empowered to be themselves, and I did that through expressing my own authentic self. 'Life on Venus' captures different sides of me that I haven't showcased before; it's R&B at its core, but you can hear a lot of genres within that as well."

The debut EP stands as a celebration of real, relatable experiences and serves as a sonic tapestry of Mackenta's journey, putting her broken pieces together and discovering her true self.


Words by: Liam Tyler

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