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Luke Gomm

London-based musician and producer Luke Gomm is back with his new single and accompanying video, 'Arcade Nights,' marking his return to solo material since his 2021 EP 'Summer's Blue.'

Released under his own label, Taste of '96, the track serves as the first glimpse into his forthcoming EP project, which will explore the different phases of a relationship.

In 'Arcade Nights,' Gomm delivers a captivating blend of electronic, R&B, and Alt Pop, celebrating romantic dates spent in neon-lit arcades and capturing the exhilaration of early-stage love and spontaneity. The track's irresistible groove and catchy bass riff create a lush soundscape, showcasing Gomm's meticulous attention to detail in crafting each layer of sound for an immersive sonic experience.

With accompanying visuals, featuring Pippa Melody and Josh Boulton, taking viewers on a journey through retro-style activities from a visit to London's iconic bowling alley Rowansto to a live performance by Luke Gomm and his band. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Gomm shares,

"Arcade Nights captures the essence of youthful spirit and exploration. When I first wrote the track, I channeled the bassline and allowed it to inspire lyrics about memorable nights out and my feelings towards them. Later, during the production process, I collaborated with Benjamin Totten (Guitar) and Tehillah Daniel (BVs) to add the final touches."

Known not only for his solo work but also as a respected producer, Luke Gomm has collaborated with an impressive roster of artists from the likes of Miraa May to Krept & Konan, KiLLOWEN to Pip Millett, and more. Drawing inspiration from artists like Daft Punk, Prince, Gorillaz, and Caribou, Gomm's experimental soundscapes showcase his passion for pushing boundaries. With his forthcoming EP project on the horizon, Luke Gomm is an artist to watch out for in 2023.

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