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Rising singer Lost Girl has released her new single ‘Trust Issues’, produced by KXVI and Skeyez.

Arriving in her new R&B era of her career, ‘Trust Issues’ marks a significant shift in her career as she departs away from the Garage scene where she made her name within. Tapping into new sonics, she has allowed her emotions to be at the forefront allowing herself to open up and become more vulnerable. Packed full of confessions, emotions, and heartbreak, Lost Girl takes us on a journey through a toxic relationship.

There is no doubt that Lost Girl is deserving of all her time in the spotlight, covering hits from Stormy and Chris Brown she found herself going viral. Getting a co-sign from Chris Brown himself due to her incredible feature, we ain’t the only ones championing this up-and-coming talent. Growing up expressing her emotions was something she struggled with, but as soon as she found music all of this changed.

Still, early on in her career, she has huge collaborations under her belt and is known for her incredibly infectious hooks on songs with the likes of Hardy Caprio, Ivorian Doll and BackRoad Gee.

Lost Girl has found her voice through music and her love of content creation and offers an unapologetically unfiltered version of herself to anyone who comes across her. 2022 has been a defining year for Lost Girl, and she has built up a dedicated following in the process with the intent of paying it all forward. During Black History Month, she was featured on TikTok’s Black Queerness Panel to celebrate Black LGBTQIA+ trailblazers and expressed how she aspires to inspire people to accept one another. She also joined a panel at The Ultimate Seminar this past month to share advice with other young creatives wanting to break into the music business. Her fanbase is more engaged than ever, and she is laying the foundations for 2023 to be a game-changing year.

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