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The innovative West London rapper Lord Apex showcases his visionary artistry once again with his latest release, "Smokers Lounge," featuring emo-rap star Bones. Offering a psychedelic approach that highlights Apex's soulful rap, wordplay, and technical finesse, Apex draws influence from both sides of the Atlantic while retaining its London roots.

AP's assured topline combined with Bones' rapid flow on Angus Luke's mesmerizing production delivers a powerful trans-Atlantic collaboration with a diverse creative approach. With AP being deeply involved in every aspect of his art, from curating producers to vocals and art direction, every aspect of the release is a true reflection of AP's style.

"Smokers Lounge" sees Apex pay homage to the cross-cultural scene that shaped his worldview and mindset, continuing to build his presence in the UK and US music landscape. As he rises to the upper echelons of global culture, Lord Apex's new music is drawing mainstream attention and cementing him as a true trailblazer in the rap scene

Not only is Apex a rising talent in music, but he's also gaining recognition in the fashion world, working with brands like Supreme, Carhartt and New Balance, and even making a cameo in the high-profile Nike Air Max 95 x Corteiz Campaign.

Lord Apex is continuing to push the boundaries of the UK hip-hop music scene, as he bridges the gaps between UK and US. With a tour and a new project on the way, all eyes need to be locked onto AP.


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