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German-Chinese alternative artist LIA LIA latest single, "I ride my bike," offers a glimpse into her highly-anticipated upcoming EP, 'ANGST.'

Departing from the blistering punk riffs of her previous singles, this ethereal track encapsulates the essence of the EP, documenting her journey toward authenticity and individuality.

LIA LIA's haunting whispers convey a newfound sense of assurance, emphasizing her ability to connect with vast audiences in an intimate manner. "i ride my bike" serves as a late-night lullaby for travellers during those quiet hours after dawn, while commuting on a train, gazing out of a cab window, or cycling through a sleeping city. Serving as a moment of solitude, when one can be alone with their thoughts and emotions, marking it the perfect time to absorb the evocative melodies of this track.

LIA LIA's unique upbringing across cultures has granted her the exceptional ability to communicate effectively with her global fanbase, displaying intelligence, humour, and, most importantly, empathy. While her recent releases often explore themes of identity and self-discovery, her ethos of inclusion remains undeniable. Through her music and discussions, she empowers listeners to delve into their own emotions and experiences.

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