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Welcome to "LEHGOLAND", the highly anticipated mixtape from south London's rising rapper Len, loaded with 16 vibrant tracks merging influences of Alté, Hyper-Rap, and Hip-Hop with his signature rebellious flair. Featuring an impressive lineup of collaborations including Lancey Foux, Odunsi (the Engine), Cruel Santino, brazy, and Unknown T, with whom he recently performed for his debut Boiler Room performance, this mixtape has set Len apart from the rest of the crowd.

Taking listeners on a theme park-like journey filled with sonic twists, showcasing Len's tastemaker ability and boundary-pushing approach to music.

Kicking off with the hard-hitting opening track 'OCKYWAY,' recorded during Len's trip to New York, followed by the iconic and clear standout collaboration with Unknown T on 'NIKO BELLIC,' with both artists showcasing their potent flows over intense production bridging genres.

Continuing to celebrate his Nigerian heritage on tracks like 'BEBE,' featuring Nigerian musical polymath Odunsi (the Engine), and 'DRGDLRS, featuring Alté frontrunner Cruel Santino, Len is staying true to his roots that helped shape and progress his career.

Taking a slight change of tune with 'IS IT TRU?,' Len offers his own take on House music, adding to the infectious feel-good theme-park theme of the mixtape.

'LEHGOLAND' serves as a catalyst for Len's upwards trajectory as he continues to make culture-shocking moments around the project, there's no doubt that Len's future is filled with even more thrilling success, including visuals, shows, and merch.

Don't miss the rollercoaster ride of 'LEHGOLAND.'

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