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South London's rap prodigy Len has returned with his latest single 'Addiction' featuring musical enigma, Brazy.

Produced by Mang, Len's signature sound takes the spotlight before a concise verse from Brazy - whose standout single ‘Attends’ went viral on TikTok - completes the song's aesthetic. As Len continues to solidify his reputation as a linchpin of the new era of UK Rap, moments like this are the driving force behind his growing supremacy.

Releasing with visuals directed by frequent collaborators Ben Wescott, and Len, showcasing Len's addiction to life’s many vices told through his signature dual-meaning lyrics - not ones to miss.

This 23-year-old has created a truly infectious formulated sound building a loyal and dedicated fanbase who have been waiting since 2022 for the arrival of 'Addiction'. Blending hyper-rap influences, Len has created his very own sound satisfying his urge of remaining genreless. With an effortless approach to all he does, Len has silently been building his audience since 2017 when he first surfaced on SoundCloud.

Recently supporting Sainté on his latest tour, Len has established himself as a unique and leading performer in the upcoming UK rap scene. Having starved his fans for months before the release, ‘Addiction’ is the next chest move behind his master plan for 2023 and beyond that consists of more singles, collaborations, merch and live performances.

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