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Ledbyher continues to stand as a beacon of innovation as she continues to push boundaries with her genre-bending bedroom-pop sound, as her latest offering, "HALF ft SBK," is a testament to her evolution and a daring leap into uncharted musical territories.

The track unfolds as an eclectic fusion of bouncy synths dancing through delicately plucked guitar rhythms. The occasional crash of an open hat punctuates the arrangement, creating a blend that can only be described as sonic serotonin. Ledbyher's ethereal ambience, coupled with tongue-in-cheek lyricism, explores youthful themes, striking a chord in the hearts of listeners.

SBK's verse seamlessly glides into the mix, as his intimate and vulnerably crafted bars weave through the light instrumental-like poetry. The dream-like daze of the composition is further heightened, creating an immersive sonic experience. In Ledbyher's words,

"'HALF' is a poetic track surrounding life’s contrast. People say there are two sides to every story, every feeling, and every life."

"I had a funny feeling that our sounds would greet each other at some point, and I'm so glad it happened on HALF."

SBK echoes the excitement, stating,

"I’ve wanted to work with Ledbyher for time, and I’ve known about her music for years."

The music video, shot in Canary Wharf and the countryside, symbolizes the end of an era for Ledbyher and the beginning of a new one, marking her transition from the countryside to the city.

"HALF ft SBK" is not just a track; it's a sonic exploration, a visual journey, and a collaborative masterpiece that propels Ledbyher into the forefront of Gen Z's musical landscape.

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