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UK house Artist, Producer and DJ, Laurence Guy has released his new single ‘Reflections’ ft. KiLLOWEN, taken straight from his forthcoming album 'Living Like There’s No Tomorrow, But Killing Yourself In The Process.'

Creating a thoughtful and introspective track, featuring multi-instrumentalist, rapper, producer, and songwriter KiLLOWEN. The song touches on universal themes of moving on, doubt, unrequited love, and moments of clarity, and is built around softly melancholic piano lines and a bustling future garage beat.

Guy describes the collaboration with KiLLOWEN as a seamless experience, with the artist articulating his feelings better than he could. The detached vocal delivery of KiLLOWEN adds to the pensive and sombre air of the track, making it a perfect fit for the introspective direction Guy has taken on his latest album.

For those that don't know KiLLOWEN, then now is the time to get to know - we said back last year that he was a big name in the making and just look what he's doing now.

'Living Like There’s No Tomorrow, But Killing Yourself In The Process' is a bold new creative direction for Guy, inspired by the push and pull between hedonism and the morning-after fog. Guy believes that without the intense pleasure of the party, he wouldn’t feel the comedown, which is why he continues to make the music he does. Set for release on July 7th - on his own label Accidental Pieces - Guy is going to change all known assumptions of himself with this release.

As a well-known artist in the contemporary house scene, with over 60 million streams and a community of loyal listeners and tastemakers. His production abilities have gained notable commercial and critical success, and he has been extensively championed by BBC Radio, Rinse, NTS, and a residency on London's Rinse FM station. Guy has also performed at some of the world’s most iconic dancefloors, including London's Printworks and Southbank Centre, Glastonbury, and Lost Village Festival.

Continuing to tour extensively, upcoming tour dates include summer festival appearances and a headline live show at London’s NT’s Loft.

‘Reflections’ is a beautiful and poignant track that showcases Guy’s outstanding production abilities and KiLLOWEN’s excellent songwriting and vocal delivery. The single is a perfect representation of the introspective direction Guy has taken on his forthcoming album, which is sure to be a must-listen for fans of the contemporary house scene.

Words by Liam Tyler

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