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Labrum & Guinness

Since founding back in 2014, Foday Dumbuya, the creative force behind the London-based eponymous label LABRUM, has been making waves in the fashion world as he blends his West African heritage with his current British playground. With a distinctive vision that bridges cultures, Dumbuya has now joined forces with the renowned Irish stout brand Guinness to present a relaxed summer collection like no other.

Paying homage to the Sierra Leone immigrants in the UK, while capturing the essence of British pub culture, this truly unique collection embraces the joy of friendship and camaraderie over a pint, creating a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary style.

Drawing inspiration from his hometown, the offering features collaborative graphics that capture the feeling of the vibrant streets and traditions of Sierra Leone. As friends and family gather around pub tables for a good time, the collection weaves stories of community, laughter, and shared experiences.

Venturing into the West African safaris for the collection, Labrum has created coordinating shirts and bucket hats perfect for adventurous souls or those outlandish festival-fits we see throughout many UK festivals. Featuring drawings of people playing checkers streetside, Foday adds a subtle touch of nostalgia and heritage. to the modern designs.

One standout element is the "SPECIAL EXPORT" tees that display Labrum-approved delivery stamps, adding a playful twist to the summer collection.

Beyond the clothing lineup, Labrum and Guinness have planned immersive workshops that will bring diverse communities together under one roof. These gatherings will foster unity and understanding, further reinforcing the brand's dedication to connecting people through fashion and culture.

Set to launch on August 7, exclusively through LABRUM's official website, fashion enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike can look forward to a refreshing blend of heritage and friendship, translated into stylish apparel meant to be enjoyed with friends over a pint of Guinness.

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