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British music sensation KwolleM has made his long overdue return with his latest project, 'Melo,' fusing grime, drill, and a father's love.

KwolleM, a true polymath of music and fashion, has just made a resounding return to the UK music scene. 'Melo,' is a meticulously crafted collection of "mellow grime" that will be one of the most essential UK listens of the year.

KwolleM's journey in music began with his pioneering 'Mellow EP' in 2017, capturing the essence of his unique sound. He is not just a producer but also a rapper and an all-round creative visionary

In 2020, he followed up his debut with 'c2c,' a sophomore project that showcased his artistic evolution. Collaborating with a mix of emerging talents and veterans in the game, such as Joe James and Manga Saint Hilare, 'c2c' perfectly balanced the flavours of nostalgia and innovation.

Now, after a three-year hiatus, KwolleM returns with 'Melo,' an album that holds significant sentimental value as it is named after his recently-born daughter. This record takes you on a journey through KwolleM's experience of becoming a father, while also outlining his aspirations to provide everything his offspring needs.

'Melo' delves into a diverse array of musical influences, seamlessly weaving together grime, drill, R&B, drum and bass, and garage. The project is not just a solo endeavour, as it boasts an impressive list of collaborators. Among them, KwolleM's close friend Joe James plays a crucial role, joining forces with artists like Slawn (making his musical debut), AJ Tracey, SL, Ashbeck, Novelist, Bawo, Unknown T, and more.

'Melo' is more than just an album; it's a heartfelt ode to his daughter and he narrates his stories of fatherhood whilst serving as a testament to KwolleM's evolving artistry.

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