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Kwoli Black
Rising artist Kwoli Black releases his latest single, 'Imposter,' produced by long-time collaborator JSTRNGS, boasting a powerful violin opening and a heartfelt monologue from Kwoli, signalling the dawn of a new era for the artist.

In the visual directed by Kente Kwame, Kwoli passionately expresses a burning desire to succeed and connect with the vibrant London rap scene. His sharp voice pierces through the mesmerising beats, creating a captivating experience for listeners. 'Imposter' serves as a declaration of independence, where Kwoli embraces and transcends feelings of inadequacy, marking the end of a chapter defined by self-doubt. Speaking about the single, Kwoli shares,

"This song is my swan song to a chapter of feeling like I'm an imposter in this scene. It signals the acceptance of my feelings but also the end of me just resigning to them. It's for all the artists and creatives, or anyone that has felt not quite good enough or questioned if they will ever make it. Fuck that. We will."

His last EP, 'Call Me When It's Over,' showcased Kwoli's versatility, blending elements of Rap, R&B, and beyond. Following the acclaimed single 'Wake Up' featuring Lex Amor, and the raw and luxurious 'Cotch Freestyle,' Kwoli Black has entered a new phase in his life, both personally and professionally.

With a determination to succeed and a unique sound that refuses to conform, Kwoli Black is set to make an indelible mark on the music scene.

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