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Kwaku Asante
Kwaku Asante's Latest Single, Produced by Fred Cox, Dives Deep Into the Search for Genuine Love

London's own singer-songwriter Kwaku Asante has unveiled the final single, "The Real Thing," before the drop of his upcoming project, 'Blue Solstice Volume 2,' due to be out September 13th. Produced by multi-platinum producer Fred Cox - known for his work with artists like Pip Millet, Rag'n'Bone Man, and Greentea Peng -, "The Real Thing" finds Kwaku at his most open and vulnerable, delving into the intricate nuances of love and the search for that special, authentic connection.

Navigating the complexities of love, both externally and internally, Kwaku seeks answers and yearns for "The Real Thing." Creating a heartfelt exploration, Kwaku has made a track we can all relate to as we've all been on a quest for genuine love once or twice. Loaded with Kwaku's intricate lyricism, sultry vocals, and his ability to translate his personal experiences into musical masterpieces shine, this track marks a clear standout from his diverse discography.

Reflecting on the song, Kwaku shared,

"The constant quest for something or someone that is right for me, not just in a romantic sense but also in a platonic sense as well. Speaking on things regarding paranoia, which I don't believe can coexist with 'The Real Thing.' I refuse to ignore what I and many other people deserve, a support system of people who care about you. I still acknowledge the current problem in our age to commit and the fear of opening up to someone."

Check out the single below.

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