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Iconic London Jungle Station Kool FM Introduces Its Label with Vibrant Various Artists EP

Kool FM, a name intrinsically linked to the jungle and drum & bass culture, adds another chapter to its storied legacy with the launch of its new label, aptly named Kool. Inaugurating this exciting venture is the release of "Kool Kuts Vol.1," a 5-track various artists EP that captures the essence of UK rave culture.

The EP is set to release on Friday, August 25th, and will be accompanied by a celebratory Notting Hill Carnival After Party on Sunday, August 27th, hosted at Fabric. This electrifying event will feature a lineup of esteemed artists, including Mozey, Harriet Jaxxon, Blade Runner, Brockie & Det, Shabba, Dynamite MC, Lens, GLXY, and more.

A fitting prelude to the EP release, Kool FM favourites Watch The Ride share their first single, "Wicked Man." Infused with reggae influences, the track is a bouncy summertime roller that provides a glimpse into the EP's diverse offerings.

Kool FM, London's longest-running jungle station, has played an integral role in shaping the emergence and success of jungle and drum & bass music in the UK and beyond. Founded in 1991, Kool FM has been a platform for iconic figures such as Kenny Ken, The Ragga Twins, Kemistry & Storm, Brockie, Shy FX, Mampi Swift, and more. The station's influence on the scene is undeniable, as reflected in the words of Voltage: "Kool FM was the holy grail of pirate radio for jungle music."

From its roots as a pirate station transmitting from Hackney's council estates to its transition into online broadcasting as Kool London, the station has continuously nurtured the growth of the genre. While it evolved over the years, Kool FM's commitment to the jungle and drum & bass community remains steadfast.

As Kool FM ventures into the label world with "Kool Kuts Vol.1," it not only solidifies its impact on the past and present of UK rave culture but also provides a platform for the genre's future evolution.

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