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Irish music sensation Kojaque is back with a bang as he releases his brand new single, 'WOOF,' featuring the talented Biig Piig, and it's already making waves in the music world. But that's not all - Kojaque has some exciting news to share, his upcoming album 'PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS,' is set to drop on October 27th.

'WOOF' is a musical journey that takes you to that point in an argument where communication breaks down completely.

With the production crafted by Karma Kid during lockdown, the duo found their perfect companion for the track in Biig Piig's captivating performance adding a whole new level to the track. This collaboration is a testament to their creative chemistry and mutual respect as Kojaque and Biig Piig's synergy shines through in every note of 'WOOF.'

With 'PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS,' Kojaque is set to further cement his status as a musical innovator. With features from a diverse range of collaborators including Hak Baker, Wiki, Charlotte Dos Santos, and Gotts Street Park, Kojaque explores themes that touch the soul as he delves into childhood trauma, depression, grief, and love, taking the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

Beyond personal struggles, 'PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS' also addresses immigrant identity, homesickness, cultural stereotypes, and the ultimate reconciliation of self. This cinematic universe created by Kojaque is both expansive and intimately personal.

Kojaque's artistic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He's not only a polymathic artist but also a DIY label head, co-founding Soft Boy Records, which gained recognition through a Boiler Room documentary, which has played a key part in putting the Irish rap scene on the map.

Kojaque's music is a blend of confidence and contemplation, brutal honesty, and refreshing myth-making. 'PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS' promises to be a defining moment in his career, and fans can't wait to embark on this musical journey when it arrives on October 27th.

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