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WIKI and Kojaque
Irish artist Kojaque has been bestowing us with music of the highest quality for a number of years.

His last project was the widely celebrated ‘Town’s Dead’ which arrived back in 2021. Kojaque returned to releasing this year, with singles ‘BAMBI’, ‘CAMBRA DRIVE’ and ‘WOOF’, all indicating the creative to be firing on all cylinders. The fourth track from his new album ‘PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS’, is the incredibly fun ‘JOHNNY MCENROE’, featuring Wiki.

‘JOHNNY MCENROE’ is a light-hearted affair, with the chemistry of the two artists fusing excellently. Boisterous keys and bouncy trap drums combine to lay the foundations for the performers. In the intro we have Kojaque ordering himself and Wiki a Guinness, before hearing over the phone that he needs to make that three. This sets the tone for the playful energy on the song. Kojaque enters into his verse with cheeky lyrics and swirling flows; delivering the line the song is titled after, “Johnny Mcenroe I’m serving like it’s thirty-love”. He continues with confidence, providing a very enjoyable energy to the song.

The reins are then passed to Wiki who matches the Irishman’s energy to a tee. The combination of the New York and Irish accents and inflections complement each other wonderfully. Wiki sets out getting in his bag, with braggadocious lyrics adding to the track’s flavour. When describing how this track came about, Kojaque expressed,

“I was in New York in May 2022 on my first US tour, and had been trying to collaborate with Wiki for a while. I was booked in to work with Tony Seltzer the day after my headline show, and right beforehand got a text to say Wiki was going to come through.” He described it as “a surreal experience cutting the track with two guys I’ve been a fan of for 8 years”.

Having just toured with Loyle Carner, Kojaque has announced his own UK and European tour ‘A NIGHT AT THE OPERA’, taking place later this year.

With him about to self-release his new album ‘PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS’, on his own label Soft Boy Records, everything is lining up wonderfully. Given the quality of previous projects, and how brilliant all the singles have been, the new album is shaping up to be one of the standout projects of the year. If you haven’t already heard it, ‘JOHNNY MCENROE’ provides a fantastic introduction to the talents of Kojaque.

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