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Coming as the latest signing to Dirty Hit alongside independent label No Matter, King Isis is a name we all need to be locked into. Releasing their latest single 'in my ways' with the announcement of their debut EP 'scales' set for release in the spring.

'In My Ways' is a bittersweet grunge-infused anthem that tackles feelings of overcoming frustration with their jaded thoughts through leading beats, shimmering guitar sounds, and relatable lyrics creating an angsty but bright finished product. Talking about their new single King Isis said;

“‘in my ways’ is about being stuck in a cycle of your own creation. You don’t quite know how to get out of it just yet and you’re not really trying. It’s willfully ignoring shadows, but it’s ok cuz we’re dancing.”

Hailing from Oakland, CA, King Isis shifts between the sounds of R&B to Jazz, indie rock, and grunge, as they sweep through pain, growth and transformation. Coming from a family of musicians, they grew up playing the same piano owned by their late family matriarch and great-great-grandmother Omega King, one of the first black Opersa singers in Chicago. With their artist moniker paying homage to Omega's legacy of pursuing her passion during a segregated post-slavery America, it's clear to see the influence her great-great-grandmother had over them.

Keep a close eye on King Isis this year.

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