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If you've not heard this song already then where have you been?

Doing the rounds on TikTok towards the back end of 2022 with the short snippet getting people in a frenzy, West London's KiLLOWEN has finally released his most anticipated viral hit 'Sober'.

'Written, Produced, and Performed' by KiLLOWEN, 'Sober' blends together elements of UK Garage, hip-hop, dance, and soul, allowing us to get a true understanding of who KiLLOWEN is. Showcasing his ability to jump on such a wide array of beats, his production skills, and his personality, if you've never listened to KiLLOWEN before - this is the track for you.

With KiLLOWEN headlining our first-ever Oculate Presents event in Northampton, we've known he is an act to watch for a while. Performing a standout set of unreleased tracks, impressive features with p-rallel and Yigga, and his diverse singles, we were all left talking about him.

Doing over 50,000 streams in less than a week, is this track about to outdo his viral hit of 2022 'Beer Fights & Poetry'?

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