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Kid Apollo

London-based trio kid apollo are making waves in the music scene and their latest single, "know where to find me" is no expectation.

"know where to find me" opens with muted nylon acoustic guitars, setting a reflective and intimate tone. Vocalist Jimmy HM's diaristic lyrics intertwine with the sparse instrumentation, capturing fleeting moments of emotion and connection. As the song progresses, distorted guitars and chugging percussion join in, adding depth and intensity to the track. The dynamic shifts in the music mirror the crystallization of a relationship, portraying the complexities and intricacies of human connection.

With a self-directed video shot between Loch Lomond in Scotland and London, the trio showcases their talent for creating captivating moments of beauty and intrigue with their attention to detail and storytelling. The video weaves in dialogue and a storyline, providing a visual narrative to complement the song's lyrical meaning. kid apollo effortlessly combines alternative R&B and meditative lo-fi pop, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners, and can be transcended throughout their visuals.

Consisting of twin brothers Felix and Theo Ratigan and vocalist/producer Jimmy HM, kid apollo delves into the anxieties and over-stimulation of teenage life in London. The journey of kid apollo began during their school days in Reading when they bonded over their shared love for UK hip-hop. Making beats on their laptops, the trio found solace and a means of self-expression through music.

Their passion and dedication to their craft have led them to their current position, where their music continues to resonate with audiences. Alongside performing with renowned acts like Lord Apex, Jeshi, and dexter in the newsagent, they have also embarked on a UK tour with Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn.

As their new project approaches, the future looks bright for kid apollo.

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