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kid apollo in your own right

Brixton-based trio Kid Apollo have gifted us all with their mesmerizing new EP, 'In Your Own Right,' featuring the standout single "fantasise" with the talented Dexter in the Newsagent.

'In Your Own Right' is a breathtaking 5-track project that showcases Kid Apollo's musical prowess, including the previously shared tracks like "plansfor2," "know where to find me," and "been here before," each offering a unique and immersive experience for listeners. Self-produced and recorded by the trio themselves, with mixing expertise provided by collaborator Joseph Hartwell Jones - known for his work with acclaimed artists like FKA Twigs, Olivia Dean, and FLO - this powerful trio are the masters of their own craft.

The EP comes accompanied by a self-directed video for "fantasise" shot in the vibrant streets of south-east London, setting the stage for the musical journey that awaits. Kid Apollo masterfully blends atmospheric guitar riffs, punchy bass kicks, and a Jersey club-inspired beat to create a truly captivating sonic experience. Vocalist Jimmy HM's soulful delivery adds depth to the contemplative lyrics, while Dexter in the Newsagent contributes a compelling verse that amplifies the song's emotional intensity.

"fantasise" delves into the complexities of distance in relationships, exploring how it affects communication and emotions. Kid Apollo's lyricism delves deep into the intricacies of love, leaving listeners pondering the anxieties and stimulation of life in London during one's early twenties. Their distinctive sound, influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean, Bakar, and Dijon, merges visceral alt-R&B with contemplative lo-fi pop, resulting in a refreshing and soul-stirring musical experience.

'In Your Own Rights' is a tour de force of musical brilliance setting Kid Apollo apart from the rest of the UK music scene. The trio's unique blend of genres and their ability to seamlessly intertwine soulful vocals with evocative instrumentals create a sonic landscape that is truly their own. With this EP, Kid Apollo have cemented their position as trailblazers in the music industry, offering a fresh and innovative perspective to captivate audiences worldwide.

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