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After nearly a year since the final BROCKHAMPTON album, 'TM,' Kevin Abstract has resurfaced with his latest solo endeavour, 'Blanket.'

This introspective and sometimes minimalist project oozes vulnerability and is drenched in a defined essence of melancholia and reflection. Signifying Kevin Abstract's first solo venture since the end of the iconic band, and while it's sure to attract BROCKHAMPTON fans, 'Blanket' shines in its departure from hip-hop and its embrace of genres Abstract hasn't explored extensively.

'Blanket' immerses listeners in a sonic world filled with fuzzy guitars, pitched vocals, synthesisers, and drums, creating a raw live concert feel. Yet, Abstract ensures that his hip-hop background's hard-hitting nature still permeates each track.

What sets 'Blanket' apart and allows it to thrive is its unwavering commitment to honesty and vulnerability. Kevin Abstract lays himself bare on this record, offering odes to his identity while fuzzy riffs, synthesisers, and drums provide a diverse backdrop.

The tracklist is a rich amalgamation of grunge, bittersweet ballads, pop, and hip-hop. The album truly shines when it ventures into noisy and scrappy territories, with nineties West Coast undertones weaving through the fabric of the music. Tracks like 'The Greys' maintain their raw intensity, while 'Today I Gave Up' exudes a Pacific Northwest emo tonality.

Amidst the rock sensibilities, Kevin Abstract's subtle artistry comes to the forefront on 'Heights, Spiders, and The Dark,' a brooding, country-tinged track enriched with expansive sub-basses. While the tracks on 'Blanket' might not achieve the viral status of previous hits like 'Peach,' Abstract's songwriting on this album is some of his most assured and confident work to date. Collaborating with phenomenal talents like Romil Hemnani (also of BROCKHAMPTON fame) and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Abraham, 'Blanket' takes Abstract's music to new heights.

Kevin Abstract remains as comfortable and infallible as ever, even as he explores new sonic horizons. 'Blanket' asserts Kevin Abstract's position as one of the greatest talents of this generation, an artist unafraid to break boundaries, stay true to his unique style, and maintain his earnest and candid storytelling, regardless of the musical environment he ventures into.

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