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West London's R&B sensation Kate Stewart has reintroduced herself with the sun-kissed sounds of "Never Enough," serving as the first glimpse into her upcoming EP, "You Had to Be There."

"Never Enough," written and produced by Kate herself, gets an added golden touch from hitmaker brother David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, the duo behind BTS's megahit "Dynamite." Coming as a sultry backwards love song combining low-key funk vibes, soft house chords, and slinky synths, with pulsing bass rhythms, perfectly complementing Kate's captivating vocals.

With a string of well-received R&B-leaning singles under her belt, 2023 marks another milestone in Kate's career with the highly-anticipated release of 'You Had to Be There.' "Never Enough" has already created a buzz on social media, leaving fans eager for more from this talented artist. Kate Stewart's unique artistry and soulful vocals cement her as a well-rounded artist running in her own lane, promising an exciting new era in her musical journey.

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