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Kate Stewart
West London R&B sensation Kate Stewart serves up another taste of her forthcoming EP 'You Had to Be There' with the bold and sassy track 'Name Out Your Mouth.'

Kicking off with smoky electronic guitar strums, setting the scene for Kate to confront a problematic lover with no-nonsense one-liners, while the production builds to a climactic chorus featuring cloudy synths and reverbed snares. As always, Kate Stewart's vocal performance is a masterclass in itself, showcasing angelic runs, soaring harmonies, and effortless range. "Name Out Your Mouth" reaffirms that Kate is a fiercely gifted vocalist. Talking on the track:

"‘Name Out Your Mouth’ is my ode to women empowerment. This is a song for every woman who stands up for themselves and is sure of who they are. It’s me pouring out my frustration for every man who’s ever messed me over! My version of ‘Bust the Windows’."

Gearing up for the release of "You Had to Be There," her first body of work in five years. "Never Enough" warmed up her audience, and with "Name Out Your Mouth" adding to the anticipation, Kate's unique artistry and bold R&B mastery are set to shine brightly in this exciting new chapter of her career.

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