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Karen Nyame KG
The 'Goddess of Rhythm,' Karen Nyame KG, the British-Ghanaian artist has released her highly anticipated EP, "RED," on her newly established label, Rhythm in the City Records.

The 3-track project, featuring the tantalizing "Wet," explores the realms of Afro-electronic music, showcasing KG's exceptional production skills and creative prowess. The EP serves as a sensual journey through themes of romance, passion, and lust, marking a significant chapter in KG's musical odyssey and setting the stage for her RITC label.

"Wet," stands out as a seductive and uptempo Afro groove, featuring a blend of KG's previous work "Sensei" and Ghanaian Highlife riffs by Obe360. KG describes it as "naughty," capturing the allure of love so intense that it excites, even in the face of danger. The track serves as a melodic earworm, a testament to KG's ability to craft infectious rhythms.

Rhythm in the City (RITC), originally a curated event by Karen herself, has evolved into a sell-out event series and now a record label. Described as "a party for the grown and sexy," RITC represents Karen's bold creative vision and her distinctive sonics. The label, as an extension of KG's production signature, encapsulates a diverse range of styles, including UK Funky, Altè r&b, Afro Altè, Gqom, Amapiano, Highlife, and Afro House. RITC sound is unconventionally rhythmic, a hub for genre-bending Afro-Electronic music that breaks conventions and formulas in electronic dance music. Reflecting on RITC, Karen Nyame KG expresses,

"It will make you dance, seduce, but better yet, feel."

The label serves as a reflection of Karen's musical journey, combining soul, percussive bounce, mood, and melody. KG envisions RITC as a platform for unconventional rhythmic experiences, pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music.

As she continues to evolve creatively and personally, Karen Nyame KG is reaching new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

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