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Sam Wise

Pincale names within the UK underground scene, Kadiata and Sam Wise have combined their remarkable talents once again to release their collaborative EP titled "360," a project that showcases their undeniable musical synergy. Building upon their successful past collaborations, the duo has channelled their exceptional chemistry to craft a comprehensive musical endeavour.

Coming as a collection of six fresh tracks, featuring recent hit singles such as "Stay The Night" and "Last Ones Laughing." Encapsulating the artistic prowess of Kadiata and Sam Wise, highlighting their shared vision for creating captivating music, "360" serves as a testament to their ability to seamlessly blend their distinct musical styles, resulting in an engaging and immersive listening experience for fans.

Not only reinforces their creative partnership but also establishes them as a formidable presence in the music industry, their collaborative talents shine through in this project, resonating with audiences and demonstrating their knack for crafting music that speaks to the hearts of listeners.

As Kadiata and Sam Wise continue to showcase their musical camaraderie, "360" stands as a testament to their combined ability to create a sonic journey that captivates and resonates, setting a high bar for their future endeavours.

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