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Julia Lostrom
Julia Lostrom, the genre-defying Zambian-Greek artist, has released her latest Afropop meets R&B track 'Bodies' celebrating the rare alignment between emotional and physical attraction, exuding magnetic sensuality that characterizes her unique sound.

Produced by Iconic Beats, 'Bodies' represents a redefinition of Lostrom's approach to R&B drawing influence from her culture to create a timeless sound that serves as an emblem of her artistry.

Delving into the rawest form of love, allowing Lostrom to express her most intimate thoughts, Lostrom explores the profound connection between emotional and physical attraction capturing those moments when you're truly in sync with someone. Lostrom beautifully expresses the desire for a love that goes beyond the surface and cherishes the possibility of it being a lasting connection. In her own words, Lostrom explains the song's significance, stating,

"This song means a lot to me—it's like a musical diary of wanting a love that goes beyond the surface. It's about cherishing those moments when you're truly in sync with someone, hoping it'll be a forever thing. It's a sweet reminder of how beautiful it is to share both heart and body with someone you might love but you’re not ready to say it just yet."

Reflects a deep connection to nature and spirituality, which is interwoven into the fabric of her sound, her music creates immersive soundscapes through harmonious vocal layering, evoking the same energy as nature's most divine moments.

As Julia Lostrom continues to release more music in the coming months, she is on her way to making a mark on the global music scene, promising to share her art with the world.

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