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Joshua Luke Smith
Rapper, poet, and wordsmith, Joshua Luke Smith has returned with his latest single, "Liberated," from his upcoming sophomore album.

Beyond being a musical offering, "Liberated" serves as a mantra for life, encouraging individuals to embrace all facets of their existence rather than dwelling on the life they envisioned. With a deep well of personal experiences, Joshua has learned to fully embody his identity and own his past, and he invites listeners to do the same for their own liberation.

Possessing a profound artistic presence, with his roots in poetry before rap, he delivers intelligent and metaphorical wordplay that resonates deeply. "Liberated" is a moment of euphoric clarity, a compelling narrative of self-acceptance, and a fusion of gospel-style vocals with a full-band experience featuring electric guitar lines, funky bass, and dynamic drums, along with hip-hop-inspired sounds reminiscent of the '90s.

"Liberated began as a personal mantra and declaration of freedom," Joshua Luke Smith shares. "I’m learning that true liberation is found not in the absence of suffering but in the embracing of it. In facing our disappointments, grief, and failures, we are invited to heal, grow, and become our truest selves. I hope 'Liberated' becomes a mantra for others, leading them into a physical and spiritual experience of liberation."

The accompanying music video, self-directed by Joshua, beautifully conveys a sense of freedom and liberation through dance, offering a stunning visual representation of his lyrical message.

Through his words and music, Joshua creates spaces of hope and freedom, exemplifying the power of "Speaking Into The Chaos." A poet for the people, he continues to inspire with his latest release, "Liberated."

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