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Jorja Smith

The soulful songstress, Jorja Smith, has once again surprised her fans with a daring and exhilarating new single "GO GO GO." In this indie-influenced track, Jorja leans into guitar-based instrumentation, exploring a fresh pop-punk sound that sets her apart from her usual style.

"It's kind of an f you song," Jorja explains about the track. "Why do people have to kiss and tell, kind of vibe. I'm in my little alternative bag, but I've always kind of been in it. People might be like 'I didn't expect this,' but I'm like: 'well, I would!'"

"GO GO GO" marks Jorja's third release of 2023, following "Try Me" and "Little Things." These songs come ahead of her highly anticipated second album, "Falling Or Flying," set to be released on 29th September via FAMM.

The accompanying music video for "GO GO GO," directed by Amber Grace Johnson, further complements the song's lively vibe, adding Jorja's usual flair and captivating visuals to the mix.

With "GO GO GO" and "Little Things" both expected to be part of her upcoming album, "Falling Or Flying," Jorja Smith is showing her artistic fearlessness by exploring a new side of her musical repertoire. Embracing a genre that's somewhat uncharted territory for her, she infuses her mesmerising vocals with energetic live drums, creating a captivating and exciting listening experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on fans and new listeners alike.

With "GO GO GO" paving the way for what's to come on her forthcoming album, the anticipation and curiosity surrounding Jorja Smith's music are at an all-time high. Fans eagerly await to see what other surprises and fresh sounds she has in store for us in her second album, "Falling Or Flying."

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