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Jordan Adetunji

Rising artist Jordan Adetunji has released his latest single 'Things You Do', following the success of his previous hit 'Go.' With a fusion of heavy dancefloor beats, spacey reverbs, and poignant lyrics, 'Things You Do' showcases Jordan's sonic diversity and introduces exciting new dimensions to his artistry.

Delving into the parallels between love and addiction, Jordan explores how both can consume and blind us and sometimes leading to actions that may be out of character. Sharing his personal perspectives, Jordan draws from his own experiences with past addiction as he compares the feelings of love to that gripping sensation.

Hailing from Belfast, Jordan Adetunji is an artist who defies conventional genre boundaries. His forward-thinking tracks, including 'You & I', 'WOKEUP!', and 'Go', showcase a versatile range of influences spanning rap, R&B, post-punk, jersey club, and hyperpop. This daring and innovative approach to music has earned him widespread recognition and support from key tastemakers across the music industry.

With the release of 'Things You Do', Jordan Adetunji reaffirms his position as a groundbreaking artist, pushing the boundaries of sound and storytelling. His fusion of diverse genres and innovative approach to music makes him an exciting and captivating artist to keep an eye on.

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