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Jelani Blackman, the rising music sensation, has made his return with news of his highly anticipated debut album, "The Heart Of It," set to be released on November 10th, promising to be a remarkable showcase of Blackman's musical prowess. Accompanying this announcement, he has also dropped a captivating new single titled "When You Feel It."

Produced by Danio Forni & Chris Andoh, renowned for their work on Stormzy's hit "Vossi Bop," "When You Feel It" emerges as a pivotal track that unveils Blackman's artistic range and essence, tantalisingly setting the stage for the multifaceted musical journey that his debut album will offer.

"The Heart Of It," spanning across 15 tracks, is described as a poignant exploration of truth and love within a world riddled with greed and hypocrisy. The album seamlessly weaves together personal and political reflections on themes ranging from race to love, offering an insightful lens on life in the year 2023.

Collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Kojey Radical, Bob Vylan, and Biig Piig testify to the album's diverse influences, harmoniously blending elements of rap, vocals, live instrumentation, and impactful beats.

Jelani Blackman's debut album is anticipated to be a milestone release, capturing his unique perspective and delivering a dynamic fusion of musical styles and thought-provoking messages.

As the countdown to the album's release begins, fans can expect an enriching auditory experience that encapsulates Blackman's artistic evolution and resonates deeply with listeners.

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