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JBEE, the MOBO nominated rapper, is continuing to make waves in the UK music scene with the release of his highly awaited debut mixtape 'HBK' (Heartbreak Kid). Emerging as a front-runner in the new wave of talented rappers, JBEE's mixtape is a reflection of personal experiences, taking listeners on a journey of heartbreak and growth.

'HBK' spans across eight tracks, featuring five unreleased singles alongside fan favourites like 'DTB,' 'Heart On Ice,' and the game-changing 'Next Up.' Collaborating with some of the scene's most sought-after producers, including Chris Rich, Hargo, Luke Grieve, Sai On The Beat, JoJo, and BackWoodloverr, JBEE ensures a diverse and captivating musical landscape throughout the project.

Bravely drawing inspiration from personal experiences, JBEE lays bare his emotions and growth journey throughout the mixtape. Exposing the pain of being let down by someone close within 'Brown Eyes', while 'Cold Inside' juxtaposes this as he portrays the roles reverses as he becomes the one inflicting pain after having his heart shattered. As the mixtape progresses, he starts to find healing and growth, as showcased in tracks like '4x4' and 'Just 4 Me,' culminating in the introspective final track 'J4's,' reflecting on the highs and lows of success.

Listening to JBEE's music feels like flipping through the pages of his diary. He has pioneered a captivating Lo-fi charm that leaves a lasting impact on listeners. With an ever-expanding fan base and global recognition, JBEE is undoubtedly on the path to achieving greatness in the music industry.

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