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South London songstress Jaz Karis’s latest release ‘Dear Jaz’ comes as a self-reflective letter to her past and future self. Taking us on a journey through her life throughout the 7 songs from stories of love and heartbreak to the polar opposite completing the full circle.

With the lead single ‘Come Outside” coming as Jaz’s personal favourite on the project, with production from Fred Cox, this track surely does go the distance. With hair-raising vocals and anthemic beats, ‘Come Outside’ focuses on her letting go of guilt and her old self that weighed her down as she enters a new chapter in her life. Drenched in nostalgia, the title track ‘Dear Jaz’ was a cathartic experience for the singer as she has an honest conversation with her own conscience. She refers fondly to her therapist and how she’s learnt not to be so hard on herself and leave old relationships in the past. ‘Complicated’ came quickly and naturally to Jaz, written in one session the song has a raw, cheeky feel to it that feels like an improvised scat.

The 25-year-old singer grew up in church choirs and performing was within her from as young as 7 years old when she began playing the piano and singing for anyone who would listen. Her parents would play Gospel, Soca and Soul around the house which ignited Jaz’s love for music and the rest is history. From a St Lucian and Maltese background, Jaz is incredibly proud of her dual heritage, although she felt torn between the two and not entirely accepted by either side, something that continues to show up in adulthood.

Jaz looks back on her youth and is thankful for the lessons she learned, both good and bad and between her primary school talent shows to Brit School productions, they’ve moulded her into the woman she is today. A full circle moment occurred last year when she recorded ‘U Got Me’ with Reuben James at the same studio, confirming that she is exactly where she’s supposed to be. There is still so much to learn about the rising musician, Jaz has a huge love for all things nostalgic from D’Angelo and SWV to Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson, she has a particular passion for fiction and sees life through the lens of a young girl fixated with fairy tale endings.

Jaz’s music is healing, it’s a comfort blanket during a breakup or a friend when you are feeling in need. She is bursting with softness and packed with divine strength, her lyrics are intimate but relate to the masses, and she's a voice that will stand the test of time. With the ‘Dear Jaz’ now out for the world to enjoy, this winter Jaz also had her incredible, long overdue sold-out headline show at Lafayette.

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