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Lebanon-born artist Laeticia Acra, known as Japan, Man, releases debut album "Metropolis," reflecting her journey from Beirut to London.

The arrival of "Metropolis" introduces us to the captivating world of Japan, Man. The album's tracks provide a window into Laeticia's life as a teenager adapting to significant changes, particularly her move from Beirut to London. Each song on the record reflects a lesson learned or a person who influenced her path, good or bad. Laeticia shared her experiences of this transition, stating,

"Most of the songs were written in my first year in London, after living in Lebanon for most of my life. Moving was a huge change, especially at such a crucial time of social development."

"Metropolis" is not just a musical journey but also a love letter to London. Laeticia envisions listening to the album when she's 58 years old, feeling reborn as a 17-year-old girl. The record explores the experience of a young girl navigating the city's dark streets, guided by streetlights and blaring noise while encountering new friends and finding new homes along the way.

After a brief hiatus from releasing music, Japan, Man made a powerful comeback in 2023, releasing a series of innovative singles. Laeticia's life experiences fueled her songwriting, allowing their sound to evolve and expand. "Metropolis" includes eight tracks, including "The People We Became," "Why Do People Change," "Fool," and "Shit Scared," all of which are previously unheard.

"Metropolis" encompasses a variety of themes, including facing the fear of being alone, navigating changes, and celebrating imperfections. It's a musical exploration of Laeticia's personal journey and the lessons she's learned along the way.

Japan, Man has established a unique and recognizable style characterized by enticing melodies, funky basslines, and accomplished songwriting.

"Metropolis" is a significant milestone in Laeticia Acra's musical journey, marking her evolution as an artist and offering listeners an insightful and relatable musical experience.

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