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Jack Vinoy
Nashville-based artist and producer Jack Vinoy has unveiled a mesmerising creation in the form of 'VAGABOND,' featuring Jordan Xx.

This hazy, sun-kissed jam is a testament to the creative synergy between the artists, a collaboration born out of shared artistic alignment and the intertwining of their respective projects. The weightless and intoxicating nature of 'VAGABOND' contributes to its allure, stemming from the experience of basking in the warmth of summer days, "VAGABOND" encapsulates a message of cherishing life to the fullest. Jack Vinoy sheds light on the inspiration, stating,

"Usually on summer days, I’ll be sitting listening to music that makes me feel that warmth, so I make reference to a handful of my favorite songs & albums like that in the lyrics: 'Wings - Band on the Run,' Frank Ocean’s 'Blonde,' 'On & On - Erykah Badu,' and 'Eight Days A Week - The Beatles.' The sun will keep rising and setting with or without you, so you may as well enjoy your life & do what you want to do - Not in a depressed way though, just like, go be yourself."

The collaboration with Jordan Xx felt like a natural progression, as both artists found themselves creatively aligned through their individual ventures.

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