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Norwegian Hip-Hop artist Ivan Ave drops exciting new single ‘Inthecut’, in the run up to his new Studio Album, ‘All Season Gear’.

Ivan Ave is a proven name within the underground hip-hop community. Both locally and globally he has made a name for himself, with 90s-inspired hip-hop dominating his discography. ‘Inthecut’ is the fifth single Ave has released in the run-up to his 4th studio album, ‘All Season Gear’. This album will be released on the 10th of March, with fans waiting in eager anticipation.

‘Inthecut’ is a mellow offering, filled with soulful melodics and poignant lyrics. This dalliance into a more R&B-inspired sound is a change from Ivan Ave’s usual style, but one that has been executed well. The track begins with the stunning vocals of Children of Zeus’s Tyler Daley. The powerful voice that many fans have fallen in love with CoZ for is on full display here. Ivan Ave then gets underway with a smooth verse. His vocal tone intertwines wonderfully with the instrumental. Playful lyrics radiate throughout, bouncing between the track’s kicks and snares, and highlighting Ave’s extensive talent.

After his performance comes to a melting chorus, shining delightfully over a stripped-back section of the Mndsgn production. “In the cut watching the time go by” lands as one of the most visual lyrics of the track. This key motif of being ‘In the cut’ continues from start to finish, with CoZ’s Konny Kon sliding in with a crisp verse starting with this concept. Both rappers on the track match each other’s mellow but punchy delivery. Kon complements the energy of the song, expressing his perspective with delightful flows.

Overall, this offering from Ivan Ave is simultaneously relaxing and exciting. It serves as a clear example of the talent of everyone involved in the record. Ivan Ave and Konny Kon slide effortlessly on a wonderful production, with the track tied together by Tyler Daley’s intoxicating voice. Along with the other singles released in the run-up to the project, ‘Inthecut’ shows that listeners are rightfully excited for what is due to be a fantastic project from Ivan Ave.

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