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Immi Dash

Rising R&B artist Immi Dash introduces her upcoming debut EP with the emotionally charged and heartfelt single "Final Scene," capturing the moment of closing the curtain on an unhealthy situation with its lush strings, crossover beat, and confessional lyrical style.

Produced by Cal Lewis - who also worked on her previous single "Cold Heart" - "Final Scene" showcases Immi Dash's ability to address personal struggles and create an honest conversation with herself. With the addition of live strings performed by Harry Fausing Smith adding a reflective and nostalgic element to the song, Immi Dash evokes introspection and contemplation in her audience throughout the song's emotional depth.

As anticipation grows for her forthcoming debut EP, Immi Dash remains a promising newcomer, ready to deliver timeless vibes and make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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