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Imani, the rising young and talented artist, is back with her highly anticipated second single, '2,3,' following the success of her debut record 'Fuck Alone.'

Exploring the theme of being in a toxic relationship and highlighting the importance of self-love in the process of healing. Produced by OG Parker & GRy, '2,3' is poised to become a summer anthem. Imani has hit the mark with this record, delivering a timeless track that offers perspectives everyone can relate to. Generating a buzz across social media after teasing the song, Imani has clearly found the right formula for creating captivating music.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Summer Walker and Rihanna, Imani seamlessly blends various sounds under the pop umbrella, showcasing her sweet yet soulful vocals within a balanced blend of pop and R&B.

At the age of 22, it's safe to say that success is inevitable for this talented young artist.

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