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In a move that surprised no one, House of EL, the British artist behind the recent "When It Rains It Pours" EP, has just released yet another masterpiece. "Pull Up", a collaboration with Virginia rapper Saeyki, hit streaming platforms on March 31st, and fans are already raving about its unique sound.

The track is a harmonious blend of House of EL's alt-hip-hop tendencies and Saeyki's American flair, resulting in a universal sound that appeals to music lovers of all genres. House of EL himself described "Pull Up" as a celebration of two very different music scenes, and the track's lyrics explore the struggles of coming up as black creatives.

But what sets House of EL apart from other artists is his versatility. Originally a jazz trumpeter, he's also an accomplished songwriter, producer, and performer, lending his talents to luminaries such as Mary J Blige, Sam Smith, and Janelle Monae. And with his unfiltered talent on full display in his own artist project, House of EL is truly breaking boundaries with his fusions of styles.

Fans and critics alike have been quick to praise House of EL's latest release, with the artist receiving compliments from publications such as Clash, Complex, and BBC Radio. And with his name destined for many "Ones to Watch" lists in 2023, it's clear that House of EL is here to stay.

So what are you waiting for? Go "Pull Up" House of EL's latest track and join the growing legion of fans who can't get enough of his unique sound.

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