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Hazey is back with another drill anthem titled 'Sturdy,' delivering yet another undeniable summer hit for his fans.

Featuring a high-tempo, bouncy beat, accompanied by his signature rapid flow. Hazey uses the track to detail his outlandish lifestyle, from jumping on beats and touring to achieving chart-topping success and indulging in luxury brands like Gucci. Throughout the song, the Liverpool-based rapper pays homage to the achievements of notable figures such as Michael Jordan, Tyson Fury, 21 Savage, and Rio Ferdinand.

Releasing with an accompanying music video, directed by Archie Erskine, showcasing Hazey performing his bars in various locations across Liverpool - it ain't one to miss.

'Sturdy' follows Hazey's 2022 silver-certified single 'Packs & Potions,' as well as his subsequent track 'Bringing It Back' and his latest release 'Welcome To The Strip.' Hazey first emerged onto the scene in 2021 with his iconic BLACKB@X's Hardest U18s Cypher, which sparked one of the first viral trends of 2022.

Known for his distinctive heavily accented flow, masked appearance, and references to footballers, he has achieved remarkable success. He has clearly made an everlasting impression on the UK scene that will be spoken about for years to come.

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